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denise nicole

About denise

I grew up with photo albums stacked up two feet tall taking up every inch of space in the dresser drawers throughout the living room and den area. I would pull the albums out and smell them. The leather completely worn from years and years of hands touching them and caressing the outside of the book before they were torn open in excitement to see what was inside. I was a curious little girl. Always wanting to know what my parents looked like when they were younger. What clothes we wore and how many hairstyles we went through. My mom was not a professional photographer, she cut our heads off and the photos were blurry a lot of the time. But what she showed me was so much more than that. She showed me what it was like to be a family and she has helped me relive those moments I was too young to remember or tend to forget with the busy way of life. It was in those quiet moments I sat on the floor with countless memories in front of me that I realized I wanted to make an impact on someone else's life. The way those photographs made on mine. I was just a child when I fell in love with photography. And I carried that with me into adulthood and continue to pass on the importance to my own children. To be able to capture those moments that FEEL so real just by touching something tangible. To smell the cologne that my dad wore after he was long gone. To hear his laughter and feel his embrace, laughing at images of my daughter walking around in my boots when she was only a teeny one, and my son holding her when she was just a newborn (she still can't believe he was actually nice to her once upon a time- SIBLINGS!), reliving moments through those frozen bits of time. It sets my heart on fire. I love to create beautiful imagery by carefully directing my clients into natural poses and evoking emotion so that they too can show their children the love they have for one another. I shoot both film and digital and create breathtaking images that are very carefully thought out and meaningful. I also shoot the real moments in an editorial fashion, just sitting and waiting for the right moment to happen. Dad seeing you for the first time and trying not to cry, mom hugging you way too tight, your closest friends laughing and cheering you on and your best friend waiting for you at the front of the aisle. It's an honor to be apart of your day. I'm completely humbled to know that you are here, willing to take a chance on me. And I cant wait to tell your story!!!!